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The "CAL Double-Bolt Lock" received a U.S. patent. The patent states that "No similar lock to the one disclosed in the present invention has ever been suggested, designed, constructed or made available to the United States market before."

CAL Tech International has grown to become a leading manufacturer of locks for the European door and window market. Over 4 million locks of the "Double-Bolt" design have been manufactured and sold in Greece.

CAL-Tech International owns over 25 industrial and design patents. What is more, that "2004 International Olympic Committee" selected the high security "Double-Bolt Lock" for the protection and safety of its athletes.

In recognition of its Metal-to-Metal security and superior design. Over 50,000 "CAL Double-Bolt Locks" where ordered and used in this effort.

For this reason, we at CAL Security Enterprises, Inc. take pride in presenting this high security lock. Our Company is committed to customer satisfaction and promise to deliver a long-term partnership with excellent service.
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